Restoring balance

Chef Christine Bailey and Nutritionist Lorraine Nicolle believe that Modern Medicine is failing us as more and more people suffer with chronic diseases and the nation getting fatter and fatter. “An understanding of the body’s basic systems, how they get out of balance, and how to get them back in balance allows us to create an individualised program for each person,” says Bailey.  This is the focus of a radical new cookbook by herself and Nicolle. “The goal is patient centred health care rather than disease-focused medicine,” she says, “This underpins the basis of the book which aims to use food to help the body rebalance and restore health and wellbeing. ‘Treat the person not the disease’.”

The book is divided into body systems such as adrenal and thyroid imbalances, fatty acids, blood sugar balance, digestion, detoxification, hormonal and neurological imbalances and also has a chapter on healthy ageing. Each chapter includes easy menu plans to follow and recipes to help address imbalances and deficiencies.


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