Aid diabetic digestion with tea

Cleansing Herb TeaPotter’s Herbals, a tried and trusted producer of licensed herbal medicines, reveals that dieting can cause all sorts of hurdles for our digestive health, causing symptoms ranging from indigestion to bloating. In a survey conducted among 2,000 men and women showed that a significant number of us have tried lots of different diets with 80% of women admitting to trying some diet versus 56% of men. Notable, however, was that almost half (45%) complained that diets caused digestive woes. This appears to be a particular issue for those aged 25-34 with 55% stating it has caused them digestive issues for people with diabetes and those not living with the condition. Almost half of those surveyed thought their digestive health affected their weight, with one in five tending to gain weight and one in ten of retaining fluid.

Dr Chris Etheridge from the Henry Potter Advisory Committee, an expert health panel for Potter’s Herbals, commented on the survey results saying, “It is so important to be aware that our digestive health can affect our weight, with so many of us apparently unable to maintain our weight at a healthy level. Addressing our digestive health is an important part of looking after ourselves, alongside diet and physical activity for reaching a healthy BMI. Research shows how the gastrointestinal tract contributes several peptides that act as signals in metabolic pathways influencing energy balance and hence body weight. Keeping our digestive health in tip-top condition is vital for weight management as well as our overall health.”

Herbs such as senna, psyllium, dandelion, peppermint, fennel and buckthorn have been used for centuries to help digestive health and are used in the four remedies in Potter’s Herbals digestive health range available in Holland & Barrett, Boots, and all good health food stores.

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