Latest issue: Rob Brown (aka Diabetic Dad Runs) and his diabetes kit; new LifeinaBox mini-fridge, and freekah (not freak out!)

Marathon des Sables runner and T1D Rob Brown.

Blood glucose monitoring (BGM) has been a major factor in many of our lives for decades, since home monitoring became possible with meters becoming available in the 1980s. We look at another selection of meters in part 3 of our series, Nothing Beats a Blood Test (p.26), with current choices from some of the bigger players in the BGM market including Roche’s Accu-Chek range, Abbott’s Optium Neo and Ascensia’s Contour Next One (and app), plus newcomer Trividia Health’s TRUE range.

Another innovation that helps with running your diabetes is the new LifeinaBox (p.12). Designed by two brothers, one of which has T1D, it makes keeping insulin cool, well, actually cool (it’s jolly nice looking). Plus, read about Rob Brown’s six-day romp across the Sahara (My Diabetes Kit p.16). Another T1D tells his tale in our Company Profile (p.10) where we interview Ramesh Patel, co-founder of BHR Pharmaceuticals.

Plus, as ever, there’s plenty of news to catch up on and Making Carbs Count is about freekah (yes, it’s a thing). Have a super summer! Next issue out end of September.

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