Flash or finger pricks?

Placing a FreeStyle Libre (flash glucose monitoring) sensor on the body.

Researchers are looking for people with Type 1 diabetes to take part in a trial to find out if flash glucose monitoring improves blood sugar levels, compared to finger-prick testing.

To take part in the Diabetes UK-funded study, you need to be aged 16 or over with Type 1 diabetes and an HbA1c between 7.5%–11% (59-97mmol/ml)For six months, participants will be randomly allocated to use either the FreeStyle Libre 2 or finger-stick glucose monitoring.

You may not be eligible to take part if you currently use FreeStyle Libre or continuous glucose monitoring (or have used for more than four weeks in the past 12 weeks), have complete loss of hypo awareness or have had more than one severe hypo in the past 24 weeks.

Reasonable travel costs only will be reimbursed.

To find out more, email Flash-UK@mft.nhs.uk or call 0161 276 6706 / 07792 063157 (between 9am–4pm) and ask to speak to a member of the FLASH-UK Study Team.

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