Nemaura Medical’s sugarBEAT CGM to detect coronavirus fevers

SugarBEAT sensor and mobile phone app.

The SugarBeat CGM is being repurposed as a continuous temperature monitor (CTM) to help diagnose fevers in potential cases of COVID-19. The device, by Nemaura Medical, has an in-built temperature sensor that can continuously track body temperature through the skin, which could help in the battle against coronavirus. This comes as Google’s Verily also recently announced plans to develop a small body-worn temperature patch that transmits data to a phone app to notify users of fever and support the early diagnosis of viral infections.

The app is designed for glucose monitoring on smart devices and is set to be repurposed for temperature measurement to match with the sugarBEAT CGM patch.Nemaura is now considering its options to accelerate the launch of its CTM, including potential partnerships and direct-to-consumer sales. It is also establishing the regulatory process for launching the repurposed platform in several areas worldwide.

UK-based Nemaura Medical’s CEO Dr Faz Chowdhury explains, “We see a significant commercial opportunity to utilize our Beat platform technology specifically for CTM purposes with data being automatically sent by low energy Bluetooth to a mobile phone app from which it can then be reviewed by the user and/or sent to a family member or caregiver. In the current climate, we see this as an opportunity to contribute to general wellbeing and patient management.”

Chowdhury says that there are other uses for its continuous temperature monitor including tracking ovulation and for predicting and preventing diabetes-related foot complications.

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