proBEAT: Digital health for Type 2 diabetes

Nemaura Medical CEO Faz Chowdhury

A new digital healthcare subscription service, proBEAT, aimed at people with Type 2 diabetes and pre-diabetes, is preparing for launch in the US. The service is expected to be available without the need for a prescription and appeal to a broad range of adults to help them improve their knowledge of how a variety of lifestyle, dietary and health and wellbeing factors impact their blood glucose levels by acting as a black box flight recorder. Big data about the multitude of factors that affect glucose levels will be gathered from all users and employed in developing and subsequently ‘fine-tuning’ predictive algorithms and artificial intelligence-based feedback and prompts. These will then be able to both educate and provide motivational tools to the user to encourage them to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Dr Faz Chowdhury, CEO of Nemaura Medical, which is based in Loughborough UK,  comments, “There are more than 85m people in the US with pre-diabetes and more than 24m with Type 2 diabetes. We believe proBEAT will be the first service of its kind offering a digital solution combined with predictive glucose profiling, developed using real-time data from a vast pool of people using our non-invasive continuous glucose monitor. Chronic disease conditions such as diabetes are best tackled before they manifest as full-blown medical conditions requiring intense treatment and management and we are very excited by the prospects of initially addressing the US market and potentially benefit many millions of people.”

Nemaura Medical Inc, the company behind the service, is now prioritising the launch plans and considering various options, including potential partnering with multi-national companies. Nemaura’s other technology offerings will grow to encompass a combination of AI, devices, and digital platforms and includes the sugarBEAT CGM sensor for Type 2 diabetes patients.


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