Psychological support for social distancing from Dr Jen Bateman

Clinical Psychologist and author Dr Jen Bateman (nee Nash), who also has Type 1 diabetes, has focused her career on disordered eating habits for people with diabetes but also anyone else. She says, “Now that many of us are living and working in new ways, with huge changes to our daily schedule, commitments and time, I’d like to support you in your relationship with food over the coming weeks to let you know that the health, wellbeing and freedom you are looking for is possible even in these circumstances. The series includes both written articles and YouTube videos so you can make use of them in whatever way suits you. If you’re able to get out for a daily walk, it may be an accompaniment to listen along in your earphones and inspire you as you go.”

To read/listen and watch to the first article, Binge Eating: Why You Do It And How To Stop, CLICK HERE.

If you are finding yourself comfort eating, stress eating, emotional eating, binge eating, overeating…whatever you personally call your type of unwanted eating read How to Stop Overeating In the Coronavirus Pandemic: A 10-Step Guide, by CLICKING HERE.

Bateman also runs the Love Your Way to Weight Loss course. It is entirely accessible online with videos, worksheets and downloadable files. To find out more, CLICK HERE.

You may also like to check out her YouTube channel where she is building a library of how-to videos to help people move towards their best possible health and wellbeing. To access, CLICK HERE.


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