LATEST ISSUE: Omnipod DASH; Dexcom-Ypsomed partnership; Covid-19 update

The latest issue has plenty on coronavirus, if you want to catch up. If you’ve read all you need to, then there’s also a lot about progress with diabetes kit in the form of new partnerships and products as Dexcom and Ypsomed push towards a hybrid pump together. We speak to Ben Smith who tells us about his experience of being one of the first people to wear and Omnipod DASH.

There’s a KIT Report on the MiaoMiao ‘smart reader’ that sits on a sensor to make it into a CGM that can be seen on an app or a smartwatch. Back to basics, there’s another interview about the need for accurate data for apps, in order that they give out the best advice. We talk to Ascensia’s medical lead for blood glucose monitoring, James Richardson, about the difficulties of tracing small amounts of glucose in the blood (i.e. when we’re having a hypo). Less glucose around means what’s there is harder to find. They manage it though!

Our main feature is an overview of the support and online education available from companies across the sector. It’s a very reassuring read indeed. Stay safe friends!

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