Ascensia’s Contour Next One best in class for hypo detection

A study sponsored by Ascensia assessed the performance of blood glucose monitoring systems (BGMSs) when used with mobile applications (apps) for diabetes management and demonstrated that not all BGMSs are capable of detecting hypoglycemia with a high probability, which has the potential to make them less effective in supporting glycaemic control particularly when used in combination with apps.

Apps for diabetes management often rely on data from glucose monitoring devices, such as BGMSs. These apps are designed to provide support that can help to reduce the occurrence of hypos. The performance of these apps in hypo management is dependent on the accuracy of the data from the BGMSs, particularly in the low blood glucose range (less than 3.9mmols/dL).

The BGMSs included were Ascensia’s Contour Next One, Accu-Chek Aviva Connect, FreeStyle Freedom Lite, GlucoMen Areo and OneTouch Verio. The study demonstrated that not all systems were capable of detecting hypos with a high probability showing that BGMS selection is critical in assessing the effectiveness of apps for overall glycaemic control and specifically the detection of hypos.

Based on this analysis in the low blood glucose range, the probability of achieving an accurate result (15% above or below of the reference blood glucose value of 50 mg/dl for Contour Next One was above 95%, whereas it was below 95% for some of the other BGMSs studied.

James Richardson, Medical Lead BGM – Mature Markets at Ascensia Diabetes Care, said of the study, “These important findings are of great clinical importance to people with diabetes, as the results show that accurate blood glucose data is critical for effective use of diabetes management apps.”


[Specifically, Contour Next One’s predicted blood glucose value was 50.74mg/dL, with a 95% confidence interval of ±3.25 mg/dL.]

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