Covid and diabetes update August 2020

Covid is catalyzing the adoption of contactless biometrics, according to website CB Insights: “Covid-19 is unsurprisingly catalyzing the adoption of contactless biometrics. Big tech companies and others are now in the market selling AI-enabled thermal imaging cameras for fever detection. Voice tech startups are rolling out software for ‘cough and sneeze detection.’ Facial recognition software globally is getting an upgrade to detect masked faces.”

Extra care lockdown
In response to the Office of National Statistics (ONS) data that showed that on average almost 50% more people died per week while at home with diabetes as the underlying cause or mentioned on their death certificate, during lockdown, Diabetes UK is urging Government to keep people with diabetes safe by implementing additional measures and safeguards.

Diabetes UK says the figures support charity’s concerns that people with diabetes are not receiving the support and consideration needed from Government to keep them safe, as lockdown continues to ease.

The analysis, which looked at the period 21 March to 1 May, saw a 47% average increase of excess deaths related to diabetes. These excess deaths relating to diabetes occurred in care homes or in private homes, with deaths in hospitals actually dropping below average. Though ONS was unable to definitively point to an exact cause for the increase, it suggested that explanations could include undiagnosed covid-19 deaths, delays in care and/or people not seeking medical assistance when needed.

If you have diabetes, you are no more likely to catch coronavirus than anyone else. But recent studies have shown that for those who become so unwell with coronavirus that they need to go to hospital, the risk of dying is higher for people living with diabetes than people without the condition. Earlier this year, Diabetes UK had also expressed concern that people with diabetes are not seeking the help and support they need from the NHS. Diabetes is a complicated and difficult condition and if not managed well, can lead to serious complications – especially during stressful times.

Diabetes UK urges people with diabetes to try their best to maintain a routine, keep their blood sugars and blood pressure in target range, eat healthily and be as active as possible. But if you do suffer any problems, regardless of the current situation, you should access the emergency departments as you would have done before – the NHS is still open.


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