You are invited to the online event United Through Diabetes

Each year the World Health Organisation (WHO) hosts a World Diabetes Day (WDD) on 14 November (this coming Saturday). It’s on this day as it’s the birth date of Sir Frederick Banting, who helped discover the insulin hormone and its use in saving people’s lives who would otherwise have died from Type 1 diabetes.

This year, two organisations in the diabetes sector have come together to put an online event together called United Through Diabetes. 14 November is a memorable day and United Through Diabetes is likely to end up being a memorable event!

Says editor Sue Marshall, “Why don’t you come online to meet fellow people with diabetes in a new initiative by charity DRWF and conference organisers Diabetes Professional Care (DPC). Read on to find out more about it and how to take part. This is deliberately quite detailed, but you can skip down to different headings if you want to take a fast look at the event. Maybe you’d like to sign up, take a look on the day, but leave if you don’t like the format. Go to the end of this article to see a demo of what the event will look like for anyone visiting it on their home computer.”

What is it?
This is an online (digital) event from the charity DRWF along with commercial partner DPC. This is a company set up by Maggie Meer, who herself has Type 2 diabetes. DPC usually organises conferences for healthcare professionals (HCPs). Normally, the public (in this case people with diabetes) cannot attend these events as many of the exhibitors are only allowed to talk to HCPs.

There will also be a virtual exhibition space with diabetes companies, specialist healthcare professionals and ancillary diabetes suppliers able to interact with the participants, answer questions and demonstrate their specialist items.

Maggie Meer, founder of DPC, added: “For a number of years I have been approached by other people with diabetes who recognise my passion for providing education and valuable information to people living with diabetes. I am delighted that we are in a position this year to launch United Through Diabetes in partnership with DRWF, and believe that our efforts will go a long way to ensuring that the lives of people living with diabetes will be enhanced through the education on offer and will enable them to better manage their conditions.”

Toby Baker, who works with Meer at DPC explains, “Due to the circumstances, we had to move our normal conference online. It seemed like a natural extension to extend the event by one day by adding in something specifically tailored to the actual diabetes community. We came up with a separate programme and many people have been extremely generous with their time developing and making presentations. Desang readers are more than welcome to make a cup of tea, sit down, log in and see what it’s like!”

DRWF’s Lee Calladine, who has Type 1 diabetes and who has helped to organise the event, says: “We have planned an incredibly exciting and informative day planned for everyone. If you haven’t registered your place yet, I hope you will accept this as an invitation to join us on Saturday 14 November. With all other educational days cancelled this year – and for the foreseeable future – we hope this unique event will provide the educational support and sense of community for people living with diabetes, something that they very much deserve right now.”

The event FREE to attend and have over 20 different expert speakers on the programme as well as guest panels, exhibitors, and chat rooms. You can read the full programme by CLICKING HERE.

Highlights include an open session with Professor Partha Kar. Have a question about national policy? Come and ask him. Learn how to make the best of your consultations and why language matters by Prof Katherine Barnard-Kelly and T1D Sue Marshall. A professor, two doctors and two people with diabetes talk about Hope Versus Hype in Diabetes Research, asking what research means to people living with diabetes – a research and patient perspective. Diabetes and diet, navigating the carb confusion with Lisa Poole. There are also sessions on Type 1 diabetes and closed loop technology; An introduction to CGM; and planning for your video or telephone diabetes review.


What will it be like?
Don’t worry if you haven’t attended a virtual event before, It’s easier than you think! Simply register using the link below. You’ll receive a confirmation email then a few days before the event you will be sent a reminder with fuller instructions.  One thing you do need to do is create your own avatar. OK, so the word is from Hindu and means ‘a manifestation of a soul in bodily form on Earth’. But these days, in the online universe, it’s an icon or figure representing a particular person used for internet interactions. You will need to name it and choose a picture (and include a brief description, if you wish).

To take a look at a demo of the event, CLICK HERE.

More on taking part
We recommend accessing United Through Diabetes from a laptop or desktop computer. You can also use a mobile device (tablet, phone) which are all supported by the virtual event platform. You will need an Internet connection and web browser. Hi-speed internet gives the best viewing experience. Join the conference using a supported internet browser, which includes the most up-to-date version of Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. Internet Explorer is not recommended.

There is no need to download or install anything prior to the conference. The event will automatically open in a web browser. If windows do not open automatically, be sure to double check that pop-ups are allowed in your browser.

If you would like to participate in video networking you will need to have a working webcam and mic. You may need to ‘allow’ your browser to access your video and mic in order to successfully start the video call.

Some of the speakers are happy to share their content/presentations with the audience – these downloadable resources will be in the “Documents” sections. If you don’t see a presentation/resource, it is unavailable for public use.

You are invited!
Calladine adds, “Feel free to forward this on — family members, friends, caregivers are all welcome too. If you have any questions about the event or registering, just message me and I’ll be happy to help.” He can be reached on

Sue Marshall says: “I’ve only just started using the internet for ‘attending’ events online, and while it seemed a tad intimidating at first, it was worth it. It’s lovely to see folk that you know and listen to talks and webinars, and not even have to leave your home. I’m looking forward to this event – I’m even taking part in one of the talks, to my own surprise, never thought I’d do that either!”

How to make the best of your consultations and why language matters by Prof Katherine Barnard-Kelly with T1D Sue Marshall, 13:10-13:40 Saturday 14 November.



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