Diabetes UK responds to Chancellor’s Spending Review and Budget

Diabetes UK has responded to the Chancellor’s Spending Review and Budget, which outlined several priorities for the Department of Health and Social Care over the coming years.

Bridget Turner, Director Policy, Campaigns and Improvement at Diabetes UK, said: “It was disappointing to see little evidence of funding to address the backlog of diabetes care in today’s Spending Review announced by the Chancellor. Diabetes is serious, and our research has shown that one in three people living with the condition had no contact with their diabetes team throughout the pandemic.

“Routine check-ups are crucial for identifying and reducing the risk of serious complications from diabetes, and we have campaigned for this to be a priority for Government. Today’s Spending Review also feels like a missed opportunity to tackle the inequalities we know exist in diabetes care. At this stage, it is simply not clear where the funding is to support the 4.9 million people living with the condition in the UK.

“We welcome the continued commitment to fund weight management services to prevent type 2 diabetes and investment in primary care, but more detail is needed about where the workforce will come from to support people living with diabetes.

“We look forward to seeing more details of the Government’s plans and will continue to work with them to highlight the need to invest more in diabetes care, prevention and research.”

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