LATEST ISSUE: ATTD device report; Hypo Metrics research trial; What is social Prescribing?

Updated NICE guidelines where all Type 1s will be offered a choice of CGMs as well as access to an insulin pump (as well as some Type 2s). Short-term costs have been proven to out-weigh the long-term costs of NOT having access to it. It is extraordinary. CGMs have been like a zoom lens, focusing in detail on glucose control with the belts-and-braces of optional alerts, why go low if you don’t have to? Why stay high if you can do something about it?

It will take a while for the product knowledge and access to filter out to every healthcare centre, but with online training for it now available, it really is just a matter of time.

Diabetes tech is not a cure, but it is a boon. Eliminating or at least significantly reducing hypos, especially at night, means you can sleep at night without worrying about being woken by a hypo. Surely that’s a good start?

On pages 16 and 18 we have an update on research projects that we’ve reported on before that still need candidates to take part, one of which is about your experience of hypos. We have an update on devices from the ATTD conference on p.20, including several patch pumps.

On p.28 we investigate the trend for social prescribing, while our monthly Making Carbs Count column is about samphire.

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