Diabetes tool to check risk of T2D

A leading charity partnership is urging more people to check their risk of Type 2 diabetes through a free online tool as new figures reveal an acceleration of diagnoses in younger age groups across the UK.

Analysis of NHS data carried out by long-standing partners Diabetes UK and Tesco has shown that cases of Type 2 diabetes – historically associated with older people – are now rising at a faster rate among those under 40 than in those over 40. With registered cases of Type 2 in this age group up 23% in just five years, the charity predicts the number of people in the UK aged between 18 and 39 living with the condition could hit 200,000 by 2027.

New research commissioned by Diabetes UK and Tesco reveals that people under 40 are generally unaware of many of the symptoms of Type 2 diabetes, or the complications the condition can lead to. In response, Diabetes UK and Tesco are launching a campaign to drive a million people to better understand their individual risk of Type 2 diabetes by using Diabetes UK’s free online ‘Know Your Risk’ tool, or by visiting their local Tesco pharmacy. Anyone who completes an assessment using the tool will be directed to free advice and information on the help and support available to manage their risk.

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