Update on BHR and A1C Now Self Check

BHR markets and supports the use of their point of care diagnostic products for use in GP surgeries, hospitals and other locations, and is now expanding the ‘use at home’ tests sector after its acquisition by Biosynex Group, based in France, The company is also involved in research projects being undertaken by the University of Warwick, and a multi-centre study cantered at the University of Birmingham

BHR’s A1CNow Self Check (pictured right) can be used at home, no need to go to a clinic, every two to three months to provids quantitative results in five minutes from a single drop of blood. A low HbA1c will reassure people that they are adequately controlling their long-term blood glucose levels; a higher reading may indicate they need to visit their healthcare professional.

EXi-ting times
BHR recently teamed up with the developers of EXi which specialises in digital personalised exercise prescriptions to help people with diabetes take control of their health and fitness.

Anyone who buys BHR’s home blood glucose monitor A1CNow Self Check receives a year’s free subscription to EXi, allowing users to enter their HbA1c results into the app and obtain a personalised exercise prescription. Both are suitable for people with prediabetes or obesity, as well as those with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes.

A1C Now Self Check is the UK’s first and only licensed HbA1C self-testing kit, enabling people to measure their own blood glycated-glucose levels. It consists of four single-use HbA1C tests, with one analyser which is disposed of after the last test is used up.. The A1CNow Self-Check has been shown in trials to be highly accurate. HbA1c testing is one of nine NICE recommended diabetes checks that all people with diabetes should receive at least once a year.

Co-director of BHR, Ramesh Patel (pictured), lives with Type 1 diabetes himself and says, “Educating people, and making sure they can look after themselves is very important, especially if they have a long-term condition like diabetes. In the long run, it could help prevent serious complications. We are keen to increase our range of diabetes care products, and blood testing and hypo treatment are central to that. As part of our plan, Biosynex develops, manufactures, and markets medical devices for screening, diagnosis and prevention. It means we have a partner to continue to grow while keeping up standards on quality and delivery.”

A1CNow Self Check costs £73.98  for a pack of four tests with a meter (excluding VAT) and that includes a year’s subscription to EXi, from www.bhr.co.uk

Use the code DESANG22 for a 10% discount on every pack bought to 20th Dec 2022 (T&Cs apply – please refer to our website: bhr.co.uk



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