Abbott FreeStyle LibreLink app pairs with Novo Nordisk insulin pens

Novo Nordisk has announced that UK users of the Abbott FreeStyle LibreLink app can now connect to its smart insulin pens.

People living with diabetes in the United Kingdom can connect the app to their Novo Nordisk smart, connected pens (including the Novo Nordisk NovoPen 6 and the NovoPen Echo Plus). Users of the Abbott FreeStyle LibreLink app with FreeStyle Libre glucose sensing technology can see a range of information related to their diabetes, including dose timing, the amount of insulin taken, and how those metrics impact their individual glucose patterns.

When users tap their pen against their smartphone, they automatically upload their insulin dose data to the FreeStyle LibreLink app. It all appears viewable alongside their glucose data, all in one place, saving time and eliminating missing, incomplete or inaccurate data.

“Individually, these two technologies provide valuable information for people managing their diabetes,” said Somerset Foundation Trust nurse consultant Su Down. “Linked together, however, they can provide additional insight into the impact of both dosing and timing of injection on glucose levels. Providing people with diabetes and health care professionals with this insightful information offers an additional perspective, much like adding another piece to the puzzle — we see more of the overall picture on which to base diabetes management decisions.”

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