Know Labs wins new glucose monitoring patent

Seattle-based Know Labs has announced that it has received a new patent equating its diagnostic technology to the current glucose monitoring (CGM) standard.

Know Labs has developed Bio-RFID technology which uses spectroscopy to direct electromagnetic energy through a substance or material to capture a unique molecular signature. It is then integrated into wearable, mobile or bench-top format, and the first application of the technology is in the form of a non-invasive glucose monitor.

The company’s technology claims to have a range of clinical accuracy that is equal or superior to that of any FDA-cleared blood glucose monitoring products. It enables the collection of a “massive amount” of data signals across interstitial fluid, capillary and venous blood and cellular tissue. Its sensor penetrates to an average of 0.5 inches, compared to the typical penetration of 0.2 inches with common minimally invasive CGMs.

The company believes that this non-invasive technology could “become the new reference standard for glucose testing.”

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