LATEST ISSUE: Pushing faster for a Type 1 cure

From time to time, I feel a little bit ‘nettled’. I have a good friend who once told me that she wasn’t scared to ‘grasp the nettle’. So it was interesting to consider stinging nettles themselves as a food stuff…. Our Making Carbs Count on p.34 did just that and it’s apparently the prickly plant you should be itching to try!

Having attended a diabetes tech conference at the end of February, this issue reflects that with brief updates on many forms of ‘kit,’ with 14 start-ups being awarded grants to pursue their solutions at the event (p.18) as well as Five T1 Tech Innovations to Watch (p.14).

There’s also a feature, Breaking New Ground’ (p.26) which shows how some of the £50m research money granted by the Steve Morgan Foundation to ‘find a cure’ for Type 1 diabetes has been awarded to researchers.

Meanwhile there’s news (from p.6) of a way to slow diabetic kidney disease, a CE Mark for InsulCheck Dose, a diabetes tech event in Sheffield in May, CGM being given to T2s in the USA, and telehealth having been proven to be a ‘boon for care’.

Last, and by no means least, on International Women’s Day, Diabetes UK remember the astonishing contribution of Dorothy Hodgkin, the only British woman to have won a Nobel prize, and who unravelled the molecular structure of insulin, leading to it being able to be reproduced as the insulin we use today. Quite the gal, thank you Dorothy!

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